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ONLINE Chair Yoga - Tue 3 pm (1 hour)
with Maja Moritz


October 12 (Tuesday)
at 3:00 pm (GMT+13:00)

Class length
60 minutes

Online Class

Chair-ish your chairs!
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Welcome to a new approach to life on chairs! This class is an invitation to start chair-ishing the times you spend with chairs because there is so much more we can utilize our chairs for than just sitting on them! They are a perfect Yoga tool and we will explore how we can take our practice off the mat and on to a chair. Each week we will discover the chair version of at least one of our basic Asanas (Yoga postures), which will enable us to integrate some yogic moves into our daily lives and offer our bodies some relief from long periods of sitting. It is great to stretch on your chair and feel relief instantly when using these movements at home or in the office - no changing into Yoga clothes, no mats needed, easy!

Getting playful in a Yogic style with our most used furniture companions will not only benefit our bodies but open our minds to new ways of moving & behaving as well as developing a fresh conscious approach about what serves us well and what doesn't.

We will experiment with different versions of how to enrich and chair-ish our life on chairs, so that you will hopefully find your own way of creating some healthy fun moves on and around your chairs at home, in the office, or wherever chairs invite you to take a seat.

Let's develop a new freedom of movement for the sedentary parts of our lives!

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