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Thank you! With your donation you are supporting others who cannot afford the full class price, or need support for other reasons... with your donation, you help us all to move forward together!

You are invited to be a special guest at one session of your choice at any class, course or workshop on offer! The class participation can be registered here on punchpass - for course or workshop participation please contact Maja 0274210424.

Thank you also very much for your support in case you decided to dedicate your donation towards the work which goes into our 'Yoga for the mind' sequences, the countless hours of research and reflection for what could be the next best steps & tools on our path to holistic conscious living - the Yoga of body, mind, soul and spirit. 🕉☯️💟⚛️

Thank you for being generous and thinking of others beyond your own needs! May this come back to you a thousandfold 💝🙏💖

Please go to the calendar and make a reservation for the specific classes you wish to attend!


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